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Look for a Good Feeling – Sharon Castle

At face value it would appear that the circumstances of our life and the events of the world have the ability to create the feelings of stress and anxiety within us. Until there is an understanding of the workings of the mind, the conditioned response is often a belief that if only we could change those external things, we would be happier and feel better.

What Sydney Banks uncovered through his enlightenment experience holds true for all of humanity, no exclusions. He stated in his book, The Missing Link, that ‘Thought is the missing link between mental sickness and mental health. Thought is also the missing link between happiness and sadness. Your personal mind activates your thoughts and makes them good or bad.’

Simply put what that means is that we are always living in the feeling of our personal thinking, 100% of the time. So, feeling happy is the result of happy thoughts and feeling sad is the result of sad thoughts.

There is a common misunderstanding that the circumstances of our life create our experience of life but through the understanding of the three principles there is a realization that this can never be true. Another common misunderstanding is that other people create our experience of life and this belief is also not true. Whether we feel good or bad, happy or sad, the way we feel about anything is simply because of the way we think about anything.

The three principles are often described as living from the inside-out and can be compared to the way most people live which is from the outside-in, i.e. that feelings are triggered by external facts such as people, events and circumstances which, once again, can never be true.

The impact of the three principles on a global scale has been gaining momentum over the last several years and the mental health industry has been turned upside down. Professionals who have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to the principles and experienced a transformation go so far as to say that the psychology industry has it backwards. Many of these medical professionals have radically changed the way they treat mental illness and have concurred with Sydney Banks that we are not broken and do not need fixing. A bold statement that once felt, has the ability to powerfully transform anyone who ‘hears’ and ‘sees’ the truth of this, for themselves.

In conclusion I have to add that my life and the lives of my clients, friends and family have transformed in too many ways to describe because of the understanding of the three principles. The simplicity of the principles points us to one of the most profound and easiest ways to feel happy and content and as Sydney Banks said, “all you need, is to look for a good feeling.”

By Sharon Castle

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